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Are you planning an international  move to or from New York City? We can handle any international moving request based on your needs.

You can rest assured that we will prepare you fully for your new international adventure. With the highest quality service and resources, we will pack and pick all of your personal belongings and take them to the airport or port where they will be transported further.

Dream Moving will address any doubt or concern you may have and actively participate in this substantial experience. As a respectable and trustworthy moving company, we will prepare your goods for shipping to Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle and the Far East, or any other location – the sky is the limit.

Our expertise and broad experience in international moving will make your overseas move seamless and trouble-free. Dream Moving is a top-rated moving company based in NYC that will use its extensive knowledge and expertise in the field to help you prepare paperwork, pack your goods, and arrange every possible detail concerning your international relocation

Let us make your
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