NYC Rent Increase Laws in 2023: How to Tell if Your Landlord Is Being Fair With Your Rent Increase

The maximum percentage for a rent increase is decided by the NYC Rent Guideline Board. The Board established a maximum increase of 5% for two-year lease agreements and a maximum increase of 3.25% for one-year lease periods in 2022. For leases signed between October 2022 and September 2023, these regulations will be in effect.

This also applies to flats built in a free market. Apartments that are rent-regulated (rent-stabilized and rent-controlled) are subject to distinct regulations.

What Exactly Are Free Market Residences and Buildings?

An apartment in a free market building does not have severe restrictions on rent increases. The only requirement is that a renter receives the notification of the rent increase 60 days in advance. Let’s say your landlord fails to provide you with adequate notice. In that instance, you have the right to continue paying your current rent for the flat until you get a formal notice that the agreement has ended.

You have a good probability of living in a free market building. This is because flats in controlled and regulated buildings are frequently occupied. After all, no one wants to give them up.

What Are Apartments Under Regulation?

In The Big Apple, regulated apartments are currently in high demand. They comprise nearly half of all the apartments in NYC. Rent hikes are subject to rigorous regulations, and the landlord is not allowed to shock you with an unpleasant rent increase announcement.

The Rent Guidelines Board of New York City is in charge of setting your rent increases if you reside in one of those flats.

You are shielded against unauthorized rent rises by living there, and you are also permitted to sublet and renew your lease every year or two.

Rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments are the two types of regulated apartments.

You can check if your location is regulated by getting in touch with NYC Housing and Community Renewal if you’re still unsure (HCR).

Apartments With Rent Stabilization

Rent stabilization applies to one million residences in New York City. These are the apartments in buildings with more than six units that were constructed before 1974.

When renewing a lease for a rent-stabilized unit, the landlord is only permitted to raise your rent by a predetermined percentage

A rent increase may also result from substantial renovations made by the landlord to the home or building. He would have to have kept written records of every dollar spent on the project. Later, more on that.

Regulated Apartment Rent

In NYC, there are around 16,400 rent-controlled apartments.

When a legal successor has resided in an apartment continuously since July 1, 1971, it is rent-controlled. Well, that does sound strange, but it’s the truth.

Only the family member who resided there for two years before the succeeding tenant’s death is eligible to inherit their tenancy when they pass away. There are progressively fewer rent-controlled housing units in NYC every year as a result of these complicated policies.

Rent hikes take place when funds are used to fix a building issue. Tenants want their landlords to demonstrate and guarantee that everything in the building functions well before they move in, preventing unforeseen increases. Substantial Capital Improvement is the name given to this type of rent adjustment.

How to Prevent Rent Increases

Be a thoughtful tenant. Pay your rent on time, and keep your landlord informed of any issues with the property. Your landlord will want to keep you if you are a good renter since it will protect them from the risks that new tenants pose.

Inform yourself as well. Choose a rent-regulated unit, be aware of how many days your landlord must provide you with adequate notice, and abide by the NYC Rent Guideline Board’s prescribed percentages.

What to Do in Case of Unexpected Rent Increase

Make sure to save up emergency money so you can relocate to a new residence if necessary. So, you’ll have more options and be able to move to a different apartment rather than having to accept the new conditions if your landlord wants to raise your rent by an arbitrary amount.

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