Choosing What Matters in a Move: Is It the Place or the Space?

There are moments when something just hits home. There are many different reasons why people move from their homes, from the comfortable cottage that brings back memories of their childhood home to a location that offers the lifestyle they desire.

Moving is a significant life decision, one that’s frequently accompanied by complicated, sometimes conflicting, feelings. Its possibility may feel happy, exhilarating, paralyzing, or depressing depending on the situation. These responses are all justified. If you’re experiencing a combination of all of them at once, that’s also very normal.

Perhaps leaving a place where many of life’s significant events took place is difficult. You may no longer feel linked to a place that formerly gave you a sense of home because your neighborhood or school district changed. On the other hand, you can simply feel “done” and that you need a new beginning.

Whatever your motivations for making a change, now is the time to practice self-compassion and extend grace to yourself as you make choices that will define the next stage of your life. Here are some questions to ask yourself and things to think about.

What Moves Your Spirit?

Inquire of anyone who has relocated and looked for a home: You just know it when you find it. Despite the dangers, the uncertainty, and the need for change, you can always tell when something seems right.

When you’re on vacation, it occasionally happens that you wish you could stay forever since the place is so lovely. Other times, it’s being a part of a neighborhood that feels encouraging, has beautiful architecture, is family-oriented, or has similar political or professional views.

When you step outside of your comfort zone and embrace change, many of the best things in life can happen, providing the change makes sense in the context of your life. For many individuals, having a house with a white picket fence still represents the dream. However, it is understandable that many people did reevaluate what is most important in light of the pandemic, dysfunctional employment market, housing market, and economic worries. Nevertheless, 18% of survey participants acknowledged making a compromise by choosing a less-than-ideal location (be it city, state, or property size).

What Matters in the Context of Resale?

The location of your house is one of, if not the most crucial, determinant of its long-term appreciation from the standpoint of resale. Are you planning on relocating permanently? A few years to sell your house? In either case, the location of your house should be carefully taken into account.

Climate obviously cannot be disregarded. Years ago, a location that would have sounded like a fantasy place might now give property owners pause. Things like the flora, wildlife, accessibility to water, and likelihood of natural disasters are significant factors to take into consideration whether you had dreams of living by the seaside, settling in the mountains, or finding peace in the American heartland. Especially considering that lenders frequently refuse to approve mortgages they believe to be risky.

Why You Should Consider Taxes

The fact that property taxes are constantly rising is one unpleasant truth for anyone buying a home. Why not just rent? That also grows at a predictable rate. If you plan to stay in your new area for a while, it’s a good idea to take into account both the current cost of living and the likelihood that it will go up in the future.

Decide if you’re willing to spend more for a location to live. Or if the space itself is what counts most in that case you’re not alone. Finding their “forever home” was cited as a priority by 36% of people who are moving or have recently moved.

Education System Is Important Part Of the Move

Homeowners are aware that the local school district receives a sizable amount of their property taxes. This fact has an effect on neighborhood housing prices as well as the resale value of individual properties.

Whether buying a home or renting one, parents of school-age children would be wise to think about the caliber of the local schools. After all, a quality education prepares children for success while opening doors for the future. Unsurprisingly, 25% of those polled said that schools played a significant role in their choice to move.

Are Your Family and Friends Close by?

Your family’s proximity is always taken into account. You could wish to relocate because you need to be near your family. However, accessibility to outdoor leisure may be more important (as is the case for 21% of respondents). Are you comfortable with it over the long term if the amenities are what have you started over? According to 13% of respondents, being able to work remotely has created new opportunities.

However, it isn’t necessary to choose between family ties and outdoor enjoyment; they can coexist. I want to be able to be near my family and experience new areas, as one previous mover put it.

Ready to Move? Let Dream Moving Get You There

Spend some time weighing the benefits and drawbacks of your chosen location, as well as if it will deliver you the immediate satisfaction you crave or the happiness you might require in the future. In either case, it might be among your wisest choices.

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