12 Benefits and Drawbacks of Residing in Philadelphia

Imagine enjoying all the benefits of a well-known modern American metropolis while also living in a warm and welcoming neighborhood. Philadelphia’s low cost of living can be seen when combined with that. Sound like a dream to you? We’re introducing you to our updated list of things to think about before relocating to Philadelphia.

The list may be especially useful to you if you’re thinking about moving from New York City to Philadelphia. NYC is only one hour away by train, and the money you’d save by not renting a property in Philadelphia will help you relax.

We listed a few benefits of residing here.

Accessible Housing and Living Costs

Philadelphia’s cost of living is 60.6% less than that of New York City. As well as the fact that Philadelphia has cheaper property taxes alone saves lives since it attracts plenty of new residents.

Philadelphia continues to be among the cheapest big cities in the United States, with a cost-of-living index of 101.2. One of the least expensive cities on the North shore is this one.

History Is Permeable in the Air

Philadelphia is not only the American city with the highest historical significance, but it also contains a lot of fascinating features.

It is the birthplace of the first stock exchange, the first business school, the first electronic computer, and the first hospital in the United States.

There are about 99 museums there, including The Franklin Institute, The National Museum of American Jewish History, and The Philadelphia Museum of Art. It offers a whole other level of living experience here and isn’t just a tourist trap.

Additionally, it is the origin of the Philadelphia soul. You may check out the Union Transfer concert venue, which has been there since the 1800s, as we talk about music.

The City of Love

There are 25 core communities in this area, and they all have a strong sense of community. You will still be accepted as a newcomer with open arms.

You can find the ideal combination of small-town community and big-city opportunities in Philadelphia.

The most valuable resource in this city is its inhabitants. What you see from them is what you get. They are straightforward and honest. Every day, you’ll run into those few people you know on the street, which will help the city feel more like home.

You Won’t Get Bored Here

The following is a list of things to do in Philadelphia:

  • Sports events are regularly held in the city. Philadelphia is the place to be with professional teams in baseball, basketball, football, and rugby.
  • On the other hand, you can stroll around and view one of the mural-covered walls. Philadelphia is the mural capital of the United States, boasting 4,000 murals.
  • You can enroll in classes like glassblowing, culinary, and ceramics.
  • You can enjoy yourself in a lot of bars and clubs.
  • The culinary scene is excellent. The first soft pretzel and the biggest cheesesteak were created in Philadelphia. It is renowned for both the lovely pasta you can eat there and the Italian Market area.

The icing on the cake is that you may spend your weekends exploring Fairmount Park, which is over ten times bigger than Central Park and the largest landscaped park in the United States!

You May Enjoy All Four Seasons

Although having all four seasons in a year may seem negative to some, it benefits us.

It keeps things interesting from time to time and gives you just enough of a sense of each season.

The Location Is Ideal

There are several spots nearby if you ever tire of the city’s bustle and the boisterous people all around you.

The mountains and the ocean are both about one hour’s drive from Philadelphia. On the list of the weekend, destinations are the Jersey Shore and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

Additionally, Washington, DC is just a two-hour train journey away from NYC on the opposite side.

Here are some drawbacks of residing in Philadelphia

Heavy Traffic

The excessive traffic is caused by two factors.

The city’s excessive population is the first. The ongoing state of road development is the second justification. That will only make the already-existing traffic congestion worse.

Philadelphians are stuck in traffic for more than three full days each year. The best course of action is to take the train.

The Streets Might Become Dirty

The filth on the streets is a problem that plagues all highly populated cities.

Residents frequently lament the rubbish. Once you start strolling through the city center, it’s not unusual to run into a rat or a mouse.

There Is a High Level of Both Poverty and Criminality

Of all the major American cities, Philadelphia has the greatest rate of poverty.

The high crime rate is highlighted by this fact. Even if the crime rate is lower than in other cities of the same size, it is still a major issue. On the streets, you might try to be cautious of your surroundings and try to educate yourself about troubled areas. Although it is difficult to admit, that is the truth.

Convenient Locations Are Not Chosen for Grocery Businesses

According to insider information, it’s uncommon to be able to walk to the grocery store, making grocery shopping difficult for those without cars.

Locals are also dissatisfied because their grocery orders frequently get canceled due to strong demand.

High Wage Taxes

The final item is a statement that all Philadelphia citizens, regardless of where they work, must pay a 3.88% tax. And that non-residents who work in the city must pay a 3.5% tax.

Fortunately, this is the only money-related concern there is, so you might as well ignore it.

Ready to Move to Philadelphia?

The historical embodiment of American independence is now a city in transition that is making every effort to keep up with the times.

Philadelphia is the city for you if you’re looking to get away from more expensive adjacent cities while still being in the thick of change.

You won’t regret taking your family, pet, or even yourself on an excursion.

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