The Best Winter Moving Advice

It is totally clear why so many people in New York City are reluctant to move during the winter. How else are you expected to move boxes around while wearing mittens? What if the moving day coincides with a snowstorm? Will it take longer to move? These are undoubtedly valid worries about moving in the winter. But you shouldn’t let them stop you from organizing a move to a new house in NYC during the colder months. You’ll discover that winter moves can have benefits and be far less stressful than moves made during other seasons with a little work and some useful moving advice.

Here is a list of winter moving ideas in NYC to keep in mind. All while planning your next move to reduce your stress and increase your excitement about relocating during the winter. To ensure a stress-free move, remember these winter moving pieces of advice from our Dream Moving professionals.

Why Moving During the Winter Is a Good Idea

People frequently opt against moving during the winter because they are concerned about how it will be accomplished. Unfortunately, even the most prepared movers can encounter significant weather-related challenges. And many customers have had to postpone or cancel their moves entirely as a result of rain, snow, or other inclement weather.

Moving can be simpler in the winter than at any other time of the year. You shouldn’t have any trouble moving during the chilly winter months as long as you plan for the worst weather scenarios and take the appropriate safeguards. Moving in the winter can be a wise choice for a variety of reasons.

One is that there are fewer movers available in the summer. Finding a moving company that is available on your preferred dates can be challenging. This is because moving companies are frequently inundated with job requests.

It can be difficult to locate a moving company that can fit your schedule in the winter because they are less likely to be busy. By doing this, you may spare yourself the hassle of trying to find a moving company that can do the move on the date you require.

Moving Advice: Is Moving Allowed During the Winter?

Yes! Even though moving during the winter may seem like a hassle, it’s a fantastic time to do so. There is always a chance of severe weather, no matter what time of year you relocate.

Making sure your winter relocation goes smoothly just requires a little bit of preparation for factors that are unique to the winter season. The only difference between spring, fall, and summer would be the seasonal difficulties you would be facing.

What Should I Know Before Moving During the Winter?

Even though New York winters can be quite harsh, it’s still a great time to move if you know what to expect. For your peace of mind, consider the following considerations if you’re organizing a move during the winter.

You’ll need to make plans for the weather in advance. To feel comfortable while moving around New York City, make sure to carry extra blankets, coats, gloves, and other warm apparel. Snow and ice will also slow down the loading and unloading process and create brief delays, so keep that in mind as well. Your movers will work with you to try and find a solution that meets your timetable if you do have weather-related issues during your move.

Take Advantage of Specials When Moving During the Winter

To entice potential customers in the winter, several moving companies may provide special discounts. Before making a decision, do your homework and evaluate the various rates provided by several expert movers. Don’t simply compare prices. Also, compare the services offered by different businesses.

Make an Early Phone Call to Your Moving Company

To reduce the possibility of being impacted by severe weather or traffic, try to schedule your journey as early as feasible. Even while last-minute moves can occasionally be inevitable, planning can help to guarantee that your move goes well and on time.

Verify That Everything Is Suitable for the Transport

Moving advice is to make sure to label your packing materials carefully to ensure that any fragile things are handled with care when you move. When packing fragile objects, exercise additional caution, and don’t be afraid to use bubble wrap. Double wrapping is always a good idea! For a truly stress-free experience, a reputable moving company can also assist you with packing; just ask them about their specific moving services.

Bring a Snow Shovel, Too

Bring a big snow shovel with you so that you may, if necessary, make a route for your items outdoors on the sidewalks. Especially when it’s snowing or raining. Additionally, having a couple of ice scrapers available for both your car and the moving vehicle is always useful.

Moving Advice: Maintain Hydration

You prevent dehydration throughout the moving process, make sure to have a lot of fluids on hand. When it’s cold outside and sweating is challenging, it’s crucial to maintain adequate hydration.

Dress Properly With Layers!

To stay healthy and avoid being hurt or ill while moving, it’s crucial to dress warmly for winter conditions. Make sure your shoes have enough traction and dress in layers of warm clothing to avoid slipping and falling on the ice. When doing any heavy lifting, especially outside, keep in mind to use gloves to prevent frostbite and to cover your face with a scarf or face mask to protect it from the weather.

Never Leave Kids Unattended in a Moving Vehicle

In the cold, never leave kids alone in the car. A car’s inside temperature can go below freezing very quickly. Family members should ideally help with watching them while you move.

Moving Advice: Purchase Plastic and Tarps

If the weather turns nasty while you are moving, have some tarps and plastic sheets on standby to protect your belongings. This will enable you to continue moving regardless of the weather.

Moving Advice: Put Everything You Need in One Bag

To provide simple access if your bags are stolen or misplaced during the transfer, group all of your essential items into one bag. Additionally, put all of your crucial papers in this bag. And make sure you have it with you at all times as you go. A first aid kit and flashlights should also be kept on hand just in case.

Keep Your Possessions Warm by Protecting Them

Another piece of moving advice is if you moved during the winter, your home can be particularly cold because of the low temperatures during that time. Make sure to wrap your belongings in blankets or thick plastic and move them inside your house as soon as you can to prevent damage from the cold temperatures.

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