Planning an Easy Office Move

Whether you need a larger office because your business has expanded or you are simply moving to a location that is more convenient for your clients, moving to a new office is stressful. Are you unsure of how to organize a move of your office? Are you attempting to determine how to prepare your team for a significant transition?

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about moving your company to a new office space.

How Much Information Do I Need Before Moving an Office?

You must pause and find the answers to a few fundamental questions before moving to a new office. The following are some crucial workplace relocation factors to think about:

  • Decide on a moving budget
  • Whether you’re transferring your company across town or the country, moving costs can mount up quickly.
  • Your budget may deplete more quickly than you anticipate. Due to the cost of packing materials and hiring a moving crew. It’s essential to create a relocation budget in advance for this reason.

Prepare a budget for your move by sitting down and doing the math. Make careful to account for the following costs:

  • Movers
  • Packing materials
  • Office equipment
  • Coffee makers, kitchen equipment, new flooring materials, etc. are examples of non-furniture products.
  • Setup fees for telecom networks, IT hardware, furniture installation, and other setups.
  • Janitorial services
  • Various services such as interior design

If you rent your office and want to terminate your present lease, think about the expense. Ask about this procedure from your present landlord or property manager so you can get ready and avoid getting hit with a huge cost in the middle of the move.

Make The Timeline Clear

Once your budget is complete, start planning your move.

What day would you prefer to move? Do you have to vacate your office by a certain time to avoid paying rent for an additional month? How quickly can you be on location and begin setting up the new office?

Give yourself and the other members of your team enough time to pack up and move to the new place. Moving is difficult enough without adding a strict timetable that everyone must try to follow.

Choose Your Moving Professionals

Are all of your staff members traveling to the new location with you? Will some customers continue shopping at the present location while you open a new one? Will some of them be completely departing?

Early on in the relocation process, decide who is relocating where. By doing this, your team will be able to plan, estimate their downtime, and prevent a last-minute rush.

How Should an Office Move Be Planned?

The relocation process will be much smoother and less stressful with good planning. Put these tactics into practice as you prepare to relocate:

Identify a Point Person for Office Move

You already have a lot on your plate as a business owner and don’t need to try to organize a transfer for your entire office. You should take advantage of this transition to exercise your delegating skills and name a point person who can assist you in managing the transfer.

Your point person should be a meticulous organizer who excels at planning. They might be your top receptionist, your executive assistant, or anyone else who is interested in the position.

Important tasks include obtaining estimates from and hiring office movers, creating a relocation strategy, and buying moving insurance. As well as determining a moving timeline for the entire company will be handled by the moving coordinator.

You might need to take things a step further and form a moving team. It all depends on the size of your business and the number of employees traveling with you. By assigning a team, the work is distributed and no one individual is required to perform every task.

Think About Employee Needs and Office Design

Early on, take a look at your new office space and get a sense of the layout. If at all possible, conduct a walk-through to determine where everyone will be set up. And clarify the needs of your employees.

Understanding the layout of the office will help you answer other crucial concerns, such as which employees require new furniture, what type of decoration you’ll use in the common areas, and even where to park the moving truck when it’s time to bring all of your boxes inside.

Obtain a Moving Company for Your Office Move

There is pricey and valuable equipment in your office.

You might have faith in your staff to calculate numbers and generate sales. But do you believe they can transport office supplies safely from one place to another?

Working with a moving company will give you peace of mind. And increase the likelihood that everything will arrive at your new office in one piece, preferably one that specializes in commercial and office moving.

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