Planning a Move With Pets

Don’t forget about your animal family members while you prepare for your major move. You must make specific plans to keep your dogs secure and happy when moving! Whether you’re moving to a new house across the street or halfway around the world, planning a move with pets can be a bit stressful.

The process of moving with pets can initially appear difficult to plan. We are here to assist because of this.

Setting your pets up for success and having a smooth transfer won’t be difficult if you bear in mind the advice provided in this guide.

Moving With Pets: Tips for Packing

Packing meticulously and deliberately is the first step to a successful relocation to a new city, state, or nation. The following advice can assist pet owners to decide what to pack in their relocation boxes:

  • Bring home scents with you
  • For pets, moving into a new house can be extremely stressful. They are in a new environment with fresh sounds, sights, and smells.
  • Bring over some items that smell like your home to help make their move-in a little less unpleasant.
  • For example, you may provide them with an unwashed blanket or towel to curl up with in bed or their box. By giving them these things, you can make sure they have something comfortable and familiar to hold onto while you unpack and settle down.

Bring Your Pets’ Toys

It’s a good idea to organize before a move. No matter how worn out they may be, keep all of your pet’s favorite toys during your purge.

Another fantastic approach to make your pets feel more at ease when you move into a new home is to give them their favorite toys.

Prepare a Trip Emergency Kit

There is nothing more frustrating than setting off on a trip to a new place only to learn midway there that you have forgotten to take something important. Like your pet’s water bowls or a vehicle leash.

Before you depart, put together an emergency bag with the necessities for your pet. Food for a few days’ worths of travel, a portable water dish, a few of your pet’s favorite toys, any necessary prescriptions or dietary supplements, a leash, and your pet’s bed may all be included in the kit.

Get Your Pet Ready for the Move

Keep in mind that your pet doesn’t comprehend what you are doing or why you are doing it as you make preparations for your major relocation. They can detect changes, but that is about it.

Make sure to follow these recommendations to ease your pet’s transition to their new home and to keep them secure and healthy throughout the process:

  • For a diet plan and vaccinations, visit your veterinarian.
  • Before moving to a new location, always take your pet in for a checkup at the vet.

The veterinarian can provide recommendations to make a transfer as straightforward as possible and will make sure your pet has all of its required vaccines. For instance, they would advise against making any nutritional changes at this stressful time. Because your pet is more prone to experience gastrointestinal discomfort while being moved.

Get copies of your pet’s medical records or health certificate at this appointment to the veterinarian to give to their new veterinarian (if you plan on switching providers).

Move Your Pets Safely

You must take particular care to keep your pet safe when traveling long distances, especially. The following advice can assist you in keeping your pet safe as you travel to a new area:

Determine Which Travel Option Is Best for Your Pet

The best and most practical option may be to drive with your pet in the back seat if you’re going across town or to a neighboring state.

However, you’ll need to plan your flight with your pet more carefully if you’re going cross-country or abroad. Will they fit in the cabin with you or will you have to place them in the cargo hold?

Additionally, you might wish to research specialized pet transportation services. These companies can assist with domestic and international pet travel while keeping your pet comfortable.

Keep Them Comfortable in The Car

Take extra care to keep your pet safe and comfortable if you do decide to drive while traveling with them.

For instance, you might wish to get a seat-mounted car-safe kennel for your pet. Additionally, you can secure your pet with a unique seatbelt. Pets are kept safe and minimize road jarring with the help of these seatbelts.

Plan Your Pet-Friendly Move Right Now!

With pets, moving to a new home can be difficult. But if you adhere to these recommendations, getting ready for moving day and assisting your pets in a new setting will be simpler.

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