How to Easily Pack Liquids for Moving

We never advise carrying liquids in your luggage. We are an NYC moving company with enough experience to truly “see it all,” therefore we are aware of all the risks that can happen if you try to pack liquids by yourself.

However, customers frequently have to bring their liquids with them, either because of their great worth or because of their obstinacy. If you are ready and take the necessary precautions, there are methods to avoid disaster when using specific drinks. How? Read on.

What to Bring

The only items that should typically be that you should pack for transportation are liquids in factory-sealed containers. To reduce the risk of breakage, these products should be well cushioned. Because other people’s things are on the same truck as yours and your liquids could spill onto them, long-distance moves not only put you in danger of getting your goods wet.

Any cracks or breaches in the container can cause unwanted leakage. Leaks are not simply limited to the top or other areas where the liquid is typically released from it. To avoid friction that could lead to breakage, it is very vital to install buffers between each bottle while packing wine bottles.

Even while we advise against packing liquids, some liquids can be packed using a specific technique. Even if they are open. We advise gluing the top of the bottle to the bottle itself, placing it in a sealed plastic bag, and then placing it in a box with enough padding. This is all because some people have expensive bottles that are not sealed.

This technique is typically employed by movers to pack opened bottles of alcohol. But it can also be applied to other items like gels, liquid soaps, and cooking oils. In this case, it makes sense to live by the adage, “Better safe than sorry.” Use an additional layer of protection while storing liquids to prevent spills from caps jamming open or containers breaking.

Items Not to Pack

Most moving firms do not outright restrict packing liquids in general. But other substances are simply too dangerous for movers to attempt to transport.

Particularly concerning is the possibility of leaking combustible or even explosive liquids. If the worst happens, a product as common as nail paint remover poses a severe security concern. Paints and paint thinners, propane, automotive chemicals (including gasoline), and oxygen are additional items that clients are normally forbidden by moving companies from packing.

In general, liquids should not be packed in a moving truck if they could seriously harm the objects they are packed around. Chemicals, paints, caustic substances, or anything else you feel to be excessively unsafe may fall under this category.

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