New York to Stamford Move

The suburbs are returning to popularity! Many people are moving to the suburbs in search of a piece of nature and a more stable way of life. All as a result of the looming uncertainty caused by climate change in some of the largest cities in the United States. Stamford, Connecticut, which offers an urban-suburban mix close to the city, is a favorite choice for people leaving New York City.

In contrast to its neighbor, Connecticut is renowned for its outstanding higher education options, historic architecture, and laid-back lifestyle. With about 129,000 residents, Stamford ranks third in terms of population in Connecticut. Although it may seem small in comparison to New York City, Stamford has a smaller population than New Haven and Bridgeport, the two largest cities in Connecticut.

Is Stamford a Good City to Live In?

Living in Stamford is wonderful and highly wanted. Because of its location on the Long Island Sound, Stamford residents enjoy year-round access to breathtaking sea views and cool ocean breezes.

Even though Stamford is nominally a city, the neighborhood has a more residential feel. Stamford never sleeps, and the speed of life is nevertheless bearable. But Stamford life is surely not monotonous. While providing complete suburban pleasure, the city has elements like shopping, coffee shops, bars, and wonderful restaurants (big detached houses, two-car garages, manicured front lawns).

Stamford’s Convenient Location and Transportation Options

These are two of its strongest features. Through the Metro-North and Amtrak train terminals, Stamford is well connected to New York City. Metro-North trains run to New Haven, where commuters may easily access Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and all other regions of the city.

You can arrive at Grand Central Station in approximately 53 minutes. The public transportation options in Stamford are a big boon to people who want to avoid the jam on the I-95. Which passes through Stamford’s West Side and may take you to Miami, or heavy peak-hour traffic.

Life and Economics

Nearly 25% of the population of the diversified (and bilingual) city of Stamford is proficient in Spanish. A Stamford family’s median household income is $89,000. An abundance of well-paying opportunities may be found in Stamford’s booming economy.

In the city, there are four Fortune 500 company headquarters, including Charter Communications and Synchrony Financial. Additionally, massive media companies like NBC Universal, YES Network, ITV America, A&E Networks, and WWE are based in Stamford (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Find Out About Schools in Stamford

Like other New York City suburbs, Stamford has highly regarded public schools that are suitable for people looking to settle down and start a family. In addition to the public schools, Stamford is home to a large number of highly regarded private schools, as well as Catholic, Charter, and Magnet schools.

Private institutions like The King School and The Mead School provide excellent instruction up to the high school level. If your child has any special services that might not be available in the Stamford area, it is also not altogether ridiculous to reside in Stamford and commute to NYC for school.

What Weather Should You Expect

Since Stamford has a temperate climate, all four seasons—especially summer—are felt at their peak intensity.

Summertime in Stamford is a busy time. In Shippan Point, you may enjoy some breathtaking coastline sunsets or go camping for the weekend. Residents of Fairfield County have access to lakes, nature trails, and decent hiking. In terms of nightlife, the city’s downtown hosts a ton of outdoor music festivals. Harbor Point, a popular summertime location, is situated on the lake. Don’t forget to take a stroll along the boardwalk or ride the city’s free antique trolley bus.

Stamford’s seasonal climate makes it a lot of fun in the winter as well. Residents of Stamford can go to the Winter Wonderland Market during the colder months to enjoy some local brews and spend time with their families. Make sure to invest in some nice sleds because the winters can be extremely snowy (approximately 30 inches on average each year). Numerous ski areas, including Campgaw Mountain, Thunder Ridge, and Victor Constant, are located nearby (in West Point).

Are Rents High in Stamford?

Despite being the richest state in the union, Connecticut nevertheless has a high rate of poverty and income disparity. Stamford’s real estate is pricey. A single-family home’s typical price is $511,000.

The local cost of living and average price are 42% more than the national cost. This can be seen in the price of utilities, food, dining out, and medical care. In Stamford, you can anticipate paying about $3000 in property taxes per year for your house.

Additionally, residents of Connecticut bear a disproportionate amount of the tax burden. They must pay nearly 10% of their income in property, income, sales, and excise taxes. Even so, these are still less expensive than New York state taxes.

Thinking About Moving to Stamford?

Many of our lives have been drastically altered by the coronavirus epidemic. Which has forced us to alter our plans. More people this year have decided to leave the hectic pace of the city and try out a more laid-back lifestyle, whether it be in the country or the suburbs. Although New Yorkers have relocated all over the country, some of the most sought-after locations have been on the East Coast.

If a New Yorker intends to relocate outside the city, they should contact a reliable NYC moving company like Dream Moving. Local movers can help you with preparation, packing, unloading, and even full-service choices.

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