How to Prepare Your Bathroom for a Move

Packing toiletries is one of the most difficult aspects of packing up a bathroom. These necessary items for daily hygiene and beauty are a hassle since. Especially if not packaged properly, they can easily ooze, leak, or just plain break. Furthermore, nothing is worse than learning you unintentionally put your toothbrush in storage.

The good news is that by following a few simple packing suggestions, you may avoid common toiletry packing mistakes and guarantee the safety of your toiletries, a stress-free relocation, and fresh breath.

Remember that using a packing service could help you save time. Check out our packing tips if you decide to do it yourself nonetheless.

Buy Packing Materials and Be Prepared

You should gather your packing items before packing toiletries and other bathroom necessities.

You will require:


Toiletries are typically best packed in small boxes. This is because liquids weigh more than solids quickly. To increase durability, seek out double-wall moving boxes wherever you can.

You might want to think about purchasing one or two liquor store boxes if you have a lot of shampoos, conditioners, or other goods in large bottles. Boxes for liquor stores include a cardboard bottle separator and are built to support big weights. Plus, the majority of places are pleased to provide these boxes free of charge!


You’ll need something to fill any space, pad your boxes, and wrap your merchandise. You can use inexpensive box filler like newspaper or packing paper, waterproof packing material like bubble wrap, or a combination of the two.

Sanitary towels

Why not utilize your towels, shower curtains, bath mat, and other bathroom linens as box padding since they must all be packed? These things can be used to line the bottom of boxes or close gaps between packed goods.

Plastic wrap

Before storing bottles, the tops can be sealed off with plastic wrap. You can also use it to group washroom supplies that you wish to keep close at hand.

Organize and Discard Your Toiletries

Packing and unpacking will be a lot simpler if you sort and purge your toiletries. Additionally, it makes sure that you aren’t filling up important moving truck space with needless items, which might help your move be less expensive.

Sort your toiletries into piles before you begin packing so you are aware of what you have. Makeup, hair, hygiene, bathroom equipment, cleaning supplies, and any other section you consider necessary may be included in this. Next, go through each item and consider these questions:

  • Is this old or not? If so, discard it! Look at the expiration date on the package, but also keep an eye out for any changes in the way something smells, feels, or looks. Make sure you properly dispose of any medication by taking it to a local pharmacy or other drug disposal site.
  • Is this practically empty? If so, either re-bottle it in a smaller container or discard it.
  • Do I need this? If not, think about throwing it away or giving it to a friend. Or, in the event of surplus goods or cosmetics, donate them; nearby shelters frequently need abandoned toiletries.

Additionally, you might want to know what to throw away when relocating.

To Sum Up

Your bathroom packing experience will be significantly less stressful if you know how to pack for a move and toiletries.

You can simply pack away everything not necessary, but you won’t unintentionally pack what you need. All you need are the appropriate moving supplies, some moving advice, and some time!

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