Tips for Moving a Safe

You’ll probably encounter several huge and awkward home objects when tackling the process of moving. One of the things on your list to move might be safe. If you have secure storage for jewels, firearms, or vital documents. Small or portable safes may be light enough for you to move on your own. But larger safes may weigh several hundred pounds and need the help of additional people and special tools to move. So, what should you think about before attempting to do it yourself? Continue reading to learn more about moving a safe using DIY methods.

How to Move a Safe by Yourself

Grab Some Friends

You’ll need a minimum of three physically fit individuals to assist you in moving a huge safe. It can be required to engage expert safe movers to do the task if you don’t have access to that kind of help.

Put on the Proper Attire

Make sure you are wearing loose-fitting clothing that is comfortable for physical activity. Clothing that is too loose runs the danger of catching while moving. Your hands will be protected while moving if you wear work gloves.

Make Sure the Safe Is Locked Once More

Before traveling, make sure the safe’s door is properly locked. It won’t hurt anyone if it flips open in transit this way.

To Keep the Safe Secure, Wrap It

Stretch wrap and moving blankets can be used to wrap the safe’s exterior to help create a cushion while you move it. The safe may move around and bump into neighboring objects while you move it out of your place and while it is in transit, but this buffer will lessen damage to the safe during those times.

Purchase the Right Equipment for the Job

The utilization of an appliance dolly will be advantageous for this kind of task. Renting this large, wheeled gadget will make moving the big safe much simpler. The dolly won’t be able to take the place of other people’s help. But it will probably be required to move from point A to point B.

To keep the safe on the dolly while you’re moving it around, you’ll probably want to add a few sturdy straps to the rental order. It could seem like a brilliant idea to slide your safe on a sphere, such as a golf ball on a PVC pipe. While you try to move, such objects could slide around, making your movement unstable or possibly harming the surroundings. You’ll be happy you invested in the proper equipment.

Choose Your Move Strategy

You should feel extremely confident about clearing any obstructions from the path you’ll be moving your safe through to get to the truck from your house. A crucial step to a successful transfer is planning how you’ll transport the safe from where it is to the vehicle you’ll be loading it into. Eliminate any additional furniture, mess, or objects that could harm the safety or be harmed by it.

To ensure a smooth journey, ensure that everyone who is assisting you is aware of the route. You might even elect to send one person ahead of the safe while it is moving to clear any errant or forgotten goods.

Place the Safe Securely

Your friends will play a significant role in this process. Get the dolly positioned exactly next to one side of the safe so that you can place some wheels underneath the safe. The safe should then start to lean slightly to one side as your friends start to tip it. By doing this, you’ll be able to move the dolly underneath. Be sure to do this until the dolly’s vertical portion hits the side of the safe. Put the safe on the dolly using the straps you rented. Once the load is safely steady, you can put the dolly onto the wheels to start moving it.

Load the Safe Onto Your Truck

If you’re transporting the safe yourself, you probably already have a vehicle or a moving truck rented. Moving such a massive object is best accomplished with the aid of a motorized loading ramp.

You’ll need the help of your friends to pull the dolly up and push it into the cargo section of the truck if all you have is a manual loading ramp and you don’t have one. It will be important to keep moving because stopping while moving down a ramp can cause the momentum to change against you.

To Sum Up

Reviewing these processes in advance will help you decide whether to do it yourself or not. There is no shame in expressing that there are too many details to handle. Or that it might not be safe for you to attempt moving a safe because it is no easy task.

In either situation, hiring skilled movers like Dream Moving will assist you in moving your safe with just one simple action from you. We handle a variety of major and small transfers, including safe moves, that need specialized care and tools. When you work with us, you can relax knowing that the difficult task of moving you safe will be completed without incident and with a lot less worry.

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