New York Budget-Friendly Communities

Rent in New York City is rising steadily, and the current housing market is extremely competitive. There’s no need to worry if you want or need to live in New York City but can’t find an apartment that fits your budget. Rent can be reasonably priced while you enjoy the Big Apple! There are some cities close to NYC that are less expensive yet within easy driving distance.

If affordability and closeness to New York City are your primary concerns when looking for a new home, keep reading for a list of a few cities to take into account.

Cities Close to NYC to Consider

NY New Rochelle

Travel time to Midtown Manhattan is under 50 minutes by car and about 45 minutes via public transportation.

New Rochelle, in Westchester County, New York, is a popular place for New Yorkers to settle down. It is located just north of the Bronx. As a result of the affordable costs, which have a median home listing price of $659,000 for $342 per square foot, people frequently choose to own homes rather than rent them.

At $2,259 per month, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is a little less than in some areas of NYC. Even though it is only a short distance from the municipal limits, Times Square is only around 20 miles away. And if you’re used to the diverse character of NYC neighborhoods, your new house will still have some of that. The seventh-largest city in the state, New Rochelle, has around 60 neighborhoods. There are plenty of restaurants, art galleries, parks, stores, and movie theaters to keep it interesting. Especially when you want to stay near home, so you won’t have to worry about running out of things to do in your area.

NJ’s Maplewood

Driving to Midtown, Manhattan, takes around 45 minutes. Taking public transportation takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

This neighboring city is hailed as diverse, artistic, and forward-thinking, with a downright Rockwellian downtown. It has a lot of unique characters.

Being a local, for instance, entitles you to the first refusal on front row seats for the yearly Maplewoodstock Music and Arts Festival. Beyond that, you’ll be pleased to discover neighborhood breweries, art galleries, restaurants, and green areas when you’re not traveling into the city. Some people may be enticed to the city suburbs due to the high cost of housing.

The $2,065 monthly rent may seem like a bargain to those looking for housing. Are you prepared to purchase a house and live the suburban dream? $750,000 is the average listing price, or $307 per square foot.

NY Yonkers

Drive time to Midtown, Manhattan, is 40–50 minutes; the transit ride takes 45–55 minutes.

If you move to Yonkers, you’ll be in luck if you’re looking for friends among those who travel from the suburbs to the boroughs of New York City. However, if you want to stay close to home, “New York’s Best Kept Secret” has plenty of green spots for you to explore.

You can find tranquility close to home by taking a stroll along the riverwalk in Esplanade Park with views of the Hudson. You can choose to dine at a charming neighborhood eatery or see a nearby museum’s exhibits to cap off your day. Yonkers offers houses for people of all economic levels, which is fantastic news.

The median price of a home listed in this area is $335,500. So it’s a good place to settle down. You’ll spend, on average, $2,216 a month on a one-bedroom apartment.

NY Port Washington (Long Island)

Take a car or public transportation for just over an hour to get to Midtown, Manhattan.

This seaside community on Long Island, New York, can be your getaway from the big city. The small-town but liberal sentiments that this place has in store for you will grow on you.

Additionally, there are several options for water-related entertainment, including food options on the docks, marinas, and boat rentals. The average monthly cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment is $2,520. With a median listing price of just over $1 million, properties in this region of the island have a premium price tag.

NY Larchmont

Midtown, Manhattan commute: around one hour by car or public transportation

Another location in Westchester County made the list and has recently been one of the most sought-after places to settle down. The possibility to take a stroll through the walkable downtown area and the accessibility to the city is unquestionably appealing features.

You’ll find yourself stopping by neighborhood coffee shops, eateries, and gourmet shops in the downtown area. When compared to people moving from specific areas of NYC, the housing costs in Larchmont are still somewhat expensive.

However, what you might acquire is a charming area with a little extra living space that a city inhabitant can’t have. If that’s what’s calling you, be prepared to pay an average monthly rent of $1,829 for a one-bedroom apartment. Or think about your mortgage payments on a small property with a typical selling price of $1.3 million.

In Summary

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