How to Transport a Mattress

There are going to be a lot of things in your home that you need to pack if you’re currently preparing for a move. You might guess that one of your first preparations for packing is to find a bundle of boxes. The mattress in your home, for example, probably won’t fit in your moving boxes. And needs special handling to keep it safe and secure during the move.

Continue reading to find out more about what you’ll need and how to make sure your mattress arrives at your new residence if you intend to move your bed yourself.

Getting Ready to Move

Put the buddy system to use: It will likely be rather large and heavy, unlike your pillows or linens. It could weigh between 45 and 100 pounds, depending on the size of the mattress.

In addition, even if you were to slide it on the floor, it can be awkward and floppy to move by yourself. This implies that it will need to be loaded onto and unloaded from a vehicle by a friend or friend to be transferred.

Verify Your Car

Knowing how to operate a vehicle will also be a crucial step in the process, speaking of which. It might be alluring to get the bungee cords out and fasten them to the car’s hood. However, it might be wise to think twice because doing so could endanger both your car and the mattress (not having enough protection between it and the elements). For your safety and the longevity of your mattress, moving it in a contained environment like a van or moving truck is preferable.

Assemble Your Materials

To protect you and your mattress throughout the relocation, you’ll also need to secure a few additional things. These consist of:

  • A mattress bag is a huge plastic bag that can completely enclose a mattress and is frequently purchased at a hardware shop or place where people rent moving trucks.
  • Ratchet ties or nylon rope to fasten it inside the moving van or truck
  • Dolly or hand cart will let you easily load and transport the mattress where it needs to be.
  • Sealing the mattress bag with moving tape
  • Cardboard to stabilize it so it flops less Retractable blade to cut open the mattress bag without harming the mattress itself
  • Toolbox for disassembling a bed
  • Locking plastic storage bags are used to keep the bed’s nuts and bolts organized so they may be reassembled.

Putting the Mattress Together and Placing It Into a Vehicle

Put the mattress inside the bag for mattresses: Take your mattress bag that is the right size, and slide your it inside it to protect it. You’ll probably need some assistance from your moving companions for this. Use your packing tape to firmly seal the bag’s open end after the mattress has been placed inside.

Clear a route for traffic: The size of a mattress may make it challenging to maneuver around potential obstructions and tight spaces. Before lifting the mattress even higher, it is essential to clear a path that reduces the possibility of running into walls, other pieces of furniture, priceless objects, or objects that could grab your mattress.

Put it on a hand truck or dolly: Take the corners of the mattress and turn it on its side so that it is not flat like it would be if you were lying on it. Do this with your friends. If it seems too flimsy to be wheeled, secure flattened cardboard on each side to dampen movement. Then tip the cart over and start rolling down the road toward your car.

Drive defensively: Mattresses and other objects in your van or truck’s cargo area could move while you’re driving. Therefore, the key to keeping your belongings secure will be constant, smooth braking, whoever is operating the vehicle. Regularly checking on things might help you make any necessary modifications.

What To Do After

Take the mattress out of the bag once you’ve moved your mattress to its ultimate location. The purpose of the mattress bag is simply to protect it while in travel. Therefore, you can take out the bag once you’ve brought it to the location where you’ll be setting it up.

Depending on your preferences, you may want to air out or disinfect your mattress before you start using it. This can be done by removing it from the bag. During this time, you might also give it a quick disinfectant spray and let it dry.

Set up your bed. Grab your toolkit and the pieces of your bed that you previously disassembled and begin putting them back together while you wait for your mattress to dry or air out. It may be put on the bed and your bedding can be arranged as you desire once it has dried.

Let Professionals Help You

There is good news if going through these instructions leaves you feeling overly anxious or if the idea of navigating a house while carrying a sizable unstable piece of furniture makes you uneasy.

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