Brooklyn Safest Neighborhoods for Living

When moving to or within Brooklyn neighborhoods, it’s important to think about what you’ll need to feel at home in a certain area. Wondering which are Brooklyn safest neighborhoods? You’ve came to the right place!

Safety will likely be a key concern for many. This refers more particularly to being in an area of the city where you feel secure going out on your own. And knowing that you won’t encounter any problems because of whatever differences you may have with people in the same neighborhood.

Defining Your Needs for a New Neighborhood in Detail

You can get a sense of what other aspects will affect your decision on Brooklyn safest neighborhoods by asking yourself a few questions in addition to placing safety first:

What essentials should every neighborhood have? Do you have any other features in mind for your new home? Maybe there are any good restaurants close to your address that you can stroll too? Do parks and playgrounds nearby rank high on your list of priorities for a fun time? Still, want to go out for the evening without leaving your new neighborhood? Making a list of what you’re looking for will enable you to focus your search for a suitable neighborhood match even further.

How much can you spend? The cost of housing will differ from one community to the next.

You increase your chances of realizing your dream by comparing your demands and needs for your ideal community with your housing budget. Knowing your financial limit can at the very least inspire you to be resourceful. And make sacrifices you can live with so you get the most for your money in your new Brooklyn house.

Five of Brooklyn Safest Neighborhoods

The following areas currently have some of the borough’s lowest crime rates.

To put it in perspective, the 84th precinct, which covers the northwest Brooklyn communities of Brooklyn Heights, Vinegar Hill, and Boerum Hill, now has one of the higher crime rates in the borough.

There are a few things that these safer areas have in common, even though each one has its distinct flavor. In comparison to housing costs in New York City, many of them are family-friendly and have a suburban vibe. And are also reasonably priced. Keeping your spending limit and must-haves in mind, consider these Brooklyn neighborhoods:

  • Bay Ridge
  • Bensonhurst
  • Borough Park
  • Midwood
  • Sheepshead Bay

Ray Ridge Neighborhood

A suburban-style community with waterfront views may be found on the western side of Brooklyn.

The neighborhood is home to many families, and single-family homes and apartments are relatively inexpensive housing options.

Your commute won’t be that far if you work at the adjacent active army base Fort Hamilton or even in Manhattan’s Financial District. It takes around 30 minutes to commute to Midtown. To view the sunset or have a picnic with your dog closer to home, visit Shore Road Park or Owl’s Head Park.

Bensonhurst Neighborhood

Although it may not rank among the borough’s top neighborhoods, many people think this one is underappreciated.

This Brooklyn location is peaceful, convenient, residential, and reasonably priced for anyone seeking a break from city life. All without leaving the city! It’s simple enough to commute outside of the area (the D train takes 45 minutes to get to Midtown Manhattan).

There are also a ton of attractions in the area. Brooklyn’s Little Italy and a second Chinatown can be found in Bensonhurst. For a laid-back day of sun and surf, Bath Beach is also conveniently close by.

Brooklyn Park

This area, which is also known as Boro Park, is quite family-friendly.

The Nicholas A. Brizzi Playground or the Rappaport Playground are fantastic locations to bring your tiny ones to meet their young neighbors. Renting may be a little cheaper than in some adjacent districts. But home prices here are on the high side for Brooklyn.

Along 13th Avenue, the area’s major commercial street, you’ll come across a lot of locally owned and run shops. As well as and markets as you roam about the neighborhood.

You’ll be glad to know that the D, M, and N trains are conveniently located, along with several buses to take you anywhere you need to go if your wants or needs require you to travel outside of this area of Brooklyn.

Bay Sheepshead

This culturally diversified neighborhood is close to the ocean and was originally known as Brooklyn’s French Rivera because of its low cost. You’re never too far from the ocean because it borders Brighton Beach and Gerritsen Beach.

Additionally, Coney Island will be within a 10-minute walk of you! Emmons Avenue, the neighborhood’s main beachside thoroughfare, offers a wide selection of restaurants and stores. There is also fishing equipment available for those who want to make a fresh catch. There are plenty of excellent restaurants and nightlife alternatives to keep you satisfied at home if you like. Even though the B and Q trains and buses can transport you into Manhattan.


This part of the borough has a suburban vibe because of the charming, tree-lined lanes.

It is the location of the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts and Brooklyn College. Both of which are a component of the city’s CUNY system. One of the best slices in the city is at Di Fara Pizza on Ave J, so don’t forget to check it out.

You may easily board the 2,5, B, or Q trains to get to other areas of the city if that isn’t enough to keep you in the area. But if you drive, you’ll be glad to discover that many houses have driveways.

In Conclusion

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