Safest Towns in Long Island, New York

Those who are moving to Long Island might be seeking the best of both worlds. A suburban waterfront lifestyle close to the bustle of the nearby city. Along with striking this balance, safety is frequently a key factor in choosing exactly where in Long Island you’ll be relocating. Whether you’re moving alone or with a family, this might be at the top of your location wish list.

Consider the municipalities with the fewest reported crimes when deciding which area of LI will work best for you. Then, compare that information with the other qualities and facilities you want to find in your new community.

What to Think About While Deciding Which Town Best Suits You

Take some time to consider these important concerns as you emphasize safety in your search for the ideal community. Which will help you narrow down your options on Long Island.

What characteristics of the perfect neighborhood are non-negotiable? Is sailing your passion, and living near a marina? So you may enjoy your free time by the water appealing? Are you expecting your new hometown to provide a wide variety of outdoor activities?

Would the quickest and shortest commute into the city be preferable? Or, could you do with extending your commute or daily ride so you can find the ideal community for you? It will be easier for you to narrow down the list of potential towns to check out if you are aware of what you want from an area. As well as what you have some leeway on.

How is your spending plan? Even though there are still a lot of renters, many people search these residential regions in LI for a place to buy. You’ll see some price variation between municipalities and different house kinds. It will be easier for you to think about how to discover your desired features that are also within your budget. If you have a general notion of what your monthly budget is.

Three of Long Island’s Safest Towns

The following list of municipalities reports some of the lowest crime rates on the island. Even though Suffolk and Nassau counties on LI publish crime figures in various formats. You’ll see that these communities have a few things in common.

They are primarily residential regions with lots of leisure opportunities and a few special places that are all their own. These Long Island communities are worth considering if you’re trying to strike the proper mix between city and suburban living while putting safety first.

  • Brookhaven, Suffolk County
  • Huntington, Suffolk County
  • Islip, Suffolk County

County of Suffolk, Brookhaven

The most populous town in the county is Brookhaven, which is the only one in Suffolk County to extend to both the north and south shores. About 50 miles separate it from Manhattan. The LI region has a lot going on, including two significant locations.

One is the Brookhaven National Laboratory, which manages several nuclear, physics, neurology, and environmental initiatives for the U.S. Department of Energy. Stony Brook University is the other. So, if you find yourself employed by or enrolled in these institutions, you might want to settle here.

However, in your free time, you can keep busy in the area’s green places. There are several activities you may do in Southaven County Park. Including hiking, camping, fishing, rowing, and hunting. The Carmans River flows through this picturesque area, which spans more than 1,300 acres of pine-oak forest. The numerous beaches in this region of LI are highly recognized for their swimming, fishing, sailing, and surfing opportunities. You may see what the Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council has planned for on-land recreation. They hold several activities, including the annual Brookhaven Choral Festival, gallery exhibitions, and workshops for people of all ages.

County of Suffolk, Huntington

This North Shore community on LI is well-known for its suburban atmosphere and proximity to Manhattan.

There are Long Island Railroad (LIRR) stops close by in Northport and Cold Spring Harbor. As well as bus service from the Huntington Area Rapid Transit, for individuals who want to live on Long Island but commute to the city.

The Northern State Parkway and the Long Island Expressway are two significant routes that are accessible to commuters driving their cars to get where they need to go. The good news is that the town has a lot to offer. If you choose to take advantage of it.

Major musical and comedic performers frequently play live at the Paramount Theatre. Oheka Castle, a historic landmark in the city, is another famous attraction. The National Registry of Historic Places lists this Gold Coast mansion-turned-hotel. Which served as the setting for several TV and movie projects, including Citizen Kane. You could be concerned that you won’t be as close to famous art as you once were if you’re moving from one of the five boroughs. Take heart! Visit the Heckscher Museum of Art to take in the works of both internationally recognized and regional artists. You’ll be glad to hear that there are a variety of cuisines and price points to pick from in the local restaurants if you’re planning to spend the night out.

Suffolk County Islip

The third-largest town in the state, made up of four villages and twenty-four hamlets, is located along LI’s south shore.

You can use several ferries and water taxis to travel to and from the island. Because the Great South Bay is home to numerous marinas. If your journeys take you farther afield, Islip also has the MacArthur Airport (ISP). Which welcomes over 2 million passengers annually.

However, you won’t lack things to do if your schedule requires you to stay near to home. Plan a trip to the iconic Fire Island Light House, which has a history dating back to the mid-1800s.

You can also travel the Historic Islip Trail if you’re a history buff who can’t get enough of the sites. As well as legends of your new community. There are various parks and recreation facilities in the community. Including the Casamento Pool and the Central Islip Recreation Center, if you feel the urge to get up, get outside, and stretch your legs after your history lesson. There are also several golf courses in the vicinity. With Gull Haven Golf Course being one of them, for those who love to putt on the green.

In Conclusion

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