The Best Time to Move Is on the Weekend

The best time to move is on the weekend when there won’t be any disruptions to work or school. But this has drawbacks as well. Our fast guide outlines the planning you must do for a successful weekend move.

One of the best things about it is that you finish your work week on a Friday night and go into high gear for house relocation. And you can do that before you go back to work on Monday.

One of the numerous reasons people choose to move on a Saturday or Sunday, along with considerations like minimizing disruption of school days and having more friends on hand to assist, is to minimize the impact on their professional lives. With some careful planning, thousands of individuals can relocate over the weekends. Just be aware of the advantages and disadvantages before making a weekend reservation.

One of the difficulties is the higher demand for movers on Saturdays, but it can be easily overcome with planning. And the use of our helpful advice for a stress-free weekend relocation.

In this article, you can find out why the best time to move is on the weekend.

Obtain a Head Start

If you wish to move over the weekend, make your reservation well in advance.
Some elevator buildings forbid weekend movements or won’t permit renters to tie up an elevator at all. Before conducting your due diligence with a mover, speak to them.

You’ll want to confirm your booking far in advance. Because Saturday is the busiest day of the week for the majority of movers so you can concentrate on organizing your home.

The average relocation is scheduled 2 weeks in advance; thus, your chances of success will be higher if you can secure your move 4 weeks before your desired date. Also keep in mind that if you’re moving in a busy month like late spring or summer, you’ll have more competition for the day you want. Not only will you want to reserve the best day of the week. But a morning move will give you plenty of time to load, unload, and unpack before a well-earned night’s sleep. 

While rates may be slightly more on busy days, be careful to pick a mover with meticulous and open terms and conditions. So that there are no unpleasant surprises down the road. You should give your movers the necessary notice of a late change. Because there are so many people vying for a weekend slot. This will give them the chance to offer the time to another busy customer. Before you give a deposit, make sure the movers on your shortlist have a good reputation. And also the appropriate compliance and insurance culture.

Clever Packaging

There is no doubting that moves throughout the week receive a reduced rate. Consider finding high-quality used moving boxes to reduce the cost of your packing goods. Do this if you have to move on a limited budget and over the weekend. These can be discovered through friends, neighbors, internet classifieds, the recycling area of your building, and local shops. To prevent things from being damaged in transit, be sure to utilize durable, damage-free, clean, and dry packaging materials.

Moving anything you don’t wish to keep should be avoided at all costs. Before moving, do a thorough purge of any furniture and items you don’t need. This will cut the number of boxes you have to pay to have shipped, which will lower your moving costs. All of your possessions should be decluttered, including worn-out clothing, outdated equipment you no longer use, books you won’t read again, and inexpensive trinkets. Now is the time to let go of anything you don’t love or use.

After decluttering your space and possessions, you may provide your mover with a more precise inventory. Be reasonable so that your movers will have enough time to move you and will be prepared for any logistical issues, such as access issues.

Working Hours

Even though there are very broad services available around-the-clock in the city that never sleeps, some businesses vary their hours of operation on weekends. To pick up the last-minute drill attachment needed to disassemble huge furniture, you may need to find a big-box store like Home Depot. Since some local establishments, including hardware stores, may be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The same holds for your buildings, where management may not be present. But your Super sees an unexpected issue with your Certificate of Insurance (COI). As you are aware, COI for both your existing and new buildings in New York City must be in the range of several million dollars. Before the movers can begin their work, you’ll need to quickly resolve that issue. But finding important building contacts on the weekend can be more difficult and jeopardize your reservation. Check your COI again on a weekday, well in advance of your move, and confirm that the information is accurate with your building management, including the address and the contact information.

In Conclusion

A simple solution is to keep your belongings with a mover, such as Dream Moving, sign your paperwork, and pick up your keys ahead of time during business hours. If you have a late-afternoon relocation that could run into the nighttime, this is extremely critical.

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