When Is the Best Time to Move

Not everybody has the time or the energy while relocating, but if you do have any control over your schedule, you can effectively maintain pressure on your cost by handpicking the season and the exact day. Here, you can find out more about when is the best time to move – and also when it is not.

There used to be one annual moving day in New York City. Every May 1st at 9 a.m., all tenancies in the city expired, and families were simultaneously transferred by horse carriage, clogging the streets with carts. We could only assume how glasses and mirrors made it all across the city unscathed. From colonial days until after WW 2, this date was NYC’s traditional moving day.

What a comfort that we don’t all has to move simultaneously, however intimidating that may still be. Although moving is now possible 365 days a year, around the clock, peak moving season still begins in May as the rising temperatures truly begin to take off.

Best Months for Your Move

The busiest times to hire professional movers are at the start of summer and during the summer. Approximately 70% of all relocations typically take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And some of these tendencies were undoubtedly changed by the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

Inventory levels typically reach their highest level of the year from May to August, spiking in July. It implies that there is a great demand for movers, their rates are changed for the season, and your moving fees are higher.

Additionally, it shows that there is greater demand for the time and date you wish to relocate. While offering only those who book early the best opportunity of receiving their preferred time slot.

During this timeframe, last-minute movers may need to be adaptable with their relocation schedule and time. On the plus side, many people may find that relocating during the busiest month of July is ideal. Since it gives younger kids time to adjust to their new neighborhood before the beginning of the school year.

The East Coast could see cold snaps, blizzards, as well as other severe weather from the end of September to the beginning of April. Rent prices begin to decline in October. Due to the large number of individuals delaying a winter relocation, and inventory reaches its lowest points in December. Regarding rent, February is typically the least expensive period to sign a lease, then January and December.

Best Time of the Month for Your Move

Usually, lease agreements in New York expire at the end of the month, and landlords demand a minimum of 30 days’ notice. It’s not surprising that moving companies are busiest on the last day of every month. Since tenants try to move out in the last week of their tenancy to align with the start of their new one.

Prime moving days, as well as, occasionally, peak days for short-term warehousing used to bridge the gap between tenancies. Those are the last several days of every month and the first several days of each month.

Moving activity is typically low in the middle of the month. Providing you the advantage of negotiating a cheaper price with your moving company and more flexibility in choosing the time of day that works best for you.

As inventory tends to change at the end of every month, now is an excellent time to start looking for your future home. You have more time to find a place, give your 30 days’ notice, and move out by the end of April if you make your choice in the middle of the month, for instance, in mid-March.

Best Time of the Week for Your Move

Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days for a relocation because people in New York generally work long hours to pay the rent. Additionally, Friday is very busy, especially at the end of every month when individuals plan a three-day weekend to prepare and move everything at once.

As elevator buildings typically do not let individuals move in and out on Sundays, moving on a Sunday can also be less expensive for walk-up apartments and home moves.

The beginning of the week, from Monday to Wednesday, is often a more flexible period to relocate if you can afford to waste a day of work.

Best Time of the Day for Your Move

Whichever time of year, mornings are most in-demand. This is so that people may leave, unpack their belongings, settle in, and prepare their bedrooms for a well-deserved night’s sleep. This is especially true if you’re relocating during the peak of the summer. Since you’ll want to benefit from the morning’s lower temperatures.

Scheduling a noon move will help you escape morning traffic and yet allow you enough time to go to your new house before the rush hour while traveling during peak morning hours has its drawbacks. This is a wonderful choice if your family needs to get the kids to school before the movers show there.

Professional movers encounter less interest in afternoon moves, which might result in lower charges. This is partly because people rarely move into apartments after 5 o’clock. But if you live in a walk-up or have a smaller number of belongings, you should take this into account.

In fact, movers provide overnight relocation or late-night relocation after work when necessary. Although there may be an additional charge during these hours, if your schedule requires it, professional movers will work around your timetable and demands.

Everything is a balance of time, expense, your demands, and taste. But before coming to a decision, get several quotations from reputable movers.

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