How to Safely Move Heavier Objects

You’re preparing to move soon. You’re confident in your ability to pack and remove the tiny objects, but what about your bed? Couch? antique wardrobe made of wood? old-fashioned clock? large-scale sculpture? A very different matter is having faith in your ability to move these bulky, heavy objects out of your door and to their future destination. You run the danger of damaging your possessions, your house, or your business, and possibly being hurt if you are not ready or unable to complete this task.

However, there are certain procedures to follow to make sure you can move your large items securely or to help you decide whether you might need some professional assistance if you’re determined to do it yourself (and with a little support from people you know).

Step 1: Before Beginning, Make a Plan.

This is where you should make a list of all the bulky, heavy goods you intend to transfer.
Before making your initial lift, it’s important to decide where you’re going to move objects to. Then, plan a route that will get your item(s) from point A (where they are now) to point B, taking into account any obstacles or problems along the way. Doors, escalators, staircases, various pieces of furniture, and similar structures may be among them.

You may lessen the chance of damage to your belongings, your home, and even yourself by anticipating these.
There is safety in numbers when it comes to moving big furniture, so this may also help you determine how many additional people you need to enlist.

Step 2: Gather Your Tools

Having the appropriate tools can help you move your heavy stuff with less difficulty. Many of the suggested tools are available for purchase or rental.

When transporting bulky possessions and furniture, you’ll probably find the following tools useful:

Plastic stretch wrap and moving blankets: It’s a good idea to have a technique of wrapping your belongings to create a buffer against scuffs and scratches to lessen the likelihood of your stuff becoming banged up while you’re lifting and transporting them. Your items will be protected well by moving blankets and plastic stretch wrap (not the kind you use in the kitchen). While you’re about it, you might wish to cover banisters and doorways to protect them from harm as you walk through.

Sliders for furniture: They make it unnecessary to push or drag several heavy pieces of furniture. Furniture sliders, which come in a variety of designs, help with a quicker and easier shift by reducing friction between the heavy object and the floor. There are many different kinds. One option is as simple as placing cardboard or a moving blanket below your item. Another option is to buy little discs that can be popped under your item’s feet or bottom to facilitate gliding. To minimize the amount of time you have to carry a heavy object, you can tip it up, insert the slider under the bottom, tip the object back down, and then slide it across the floor with the assistance of a moving partner.

Step 3: Eliminate Any Smaller Components

The overall weight that must be carried at once can be decreased if you can remove any sections from larger goods without breaking or harming them. In keeping with this, it’s a good idea to empty any drawers of their contents before moving dressers and wardrobes. Removing components may also help you move a heavy device through narrow spaces like stairwells and entrances. For instance, taking the couch’s feet off might help you fit it through a doorway; sometimes, even a few more inches can help.

Step 4: Unloading

The unloading is the last stage in a successful transport of a heavy object. You’ll want to make sure that the unloading of these big objects is done properly when you get to your final location, whether it be from a truck or just in a separate room of your home. Planning how you will unload the stuff is a good idea.

Not Quite Prepared to Move Heavier Objects on Your Own?

No worries! To move big objects might be a difficult undertaking for someone who has never done it before.

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