Choosing Between New York City Boroughs

Are you prepared to travel to New York City for your next move? Choosing between New York City boroughs you’ll live in will be your next decision.

Just stating New York City to those from out of town may be sufficient to let them know where you’re going. For individuals considering moving to this region of the Empire State, learning more about the neighborhoods, or boroughs, will help you determine which area of the city best suits your needs and preferences.

So here is a summary: New York City is divided into five boroughs.

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island

Even though they are all a part of the urban bustle (some are only connected by bridges, railways, or boats), each has its distinct character, amenities, and cost

Guide to New York City Boroughs

Before getting into the specifics of the boroughs, it’s important to think about what elements might have the biggest impact on where you end up in the city:

  • What do you need and want from the neighborhood that you envision for yourself? Maybe you want to live close to your workplace so you can commute quickly. Or perhaps you don’t mind a lengthier commute or metro ride and would want to be near where you want to be playing once the workday is over. You should think about whether you prefer to be in the center of the action or choose a quieter area when visiting a city that never sleeps. Everything is within the boundaries of the city. Your search for a suitable area and borough will be made easier if you are aware of your preferences.
  • How much can you spend? Realizing that city living is expensive is a good place to start in this situation. There are a variety of locations that will be more or less expensive, though. Finding homes that will meet your needs and won’t break the bank requires knowing what you can afford, which is sometimes expressed in terms of monthly rent and expenses.

Boroughs of New York City

You can investigate what each borough has to offer after you are aware of your tastes and budget. Even though they are all different, the neighborhoods inside each one are all distinctive in their own right. A brief description of each borough, some of its communities, an idea of what to expect in terms of costs, and an impression of what it’s like to live there are given below.

Manhattan’s Cost of Living

Prepare to deposit some money. Manhattan’s overall cost of living is significantly higher than the national average. Electricity, transportation, and housing all contribute significantly. A typical 1-bedroom apartment will cost you just around $3,000 per month, though actual costs can vary greatly depending on where in the borough you live. The average property costs a cool $1.4 million if you’re looking to buy an apartment.

Manhattan Day to Day

There is little doubt that living in Manhattan is not the same as visiting it. There are countless attractions and events to check out, but living close to the excitement will cost more than living in some of the other boroughs. Space is generally limited because you’ll frequently be near the other 1.6 million residents of Manhattan.


In comparison to its neighbor Manhattan, this borough strikes a different mix between energy, edginess, and laid-backness. Some neighborhoods have a “hip” vibe, while others have more suburban, family-friendly, and laid-back areas. Some Brooklyn neighborhoods compete with Manhattan’s in terms of cost.

Brooklyn’s cost of living

Brooklyn’s cost of living may not be as high as Manhattan’s, but it is still twice as high as the national average. Although it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, housing is the expense with the highest ranking. For instance, the average rent in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is about $1,995 per month, whereas the average rent in DUMBO is about $3,790 per month. It can be helpful to take into account your needs and how near you wish to be to other city neighborhoods.

Brooklyn Day to Day

This borough satisfies the requirements for a little more laid-back atmosphere, yet it still has enough of its brand of energy to compete with Manhattan for some prospective New Yorkers. For individuals seeking the best of both worlds, it is possible to live on the west side of the borough, near central Manhattan, or further out to enjoy coastal surroundings.


This borough is fantastic for families because it has both suburban and urban vibes. Though it is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse countries in the world, there is something here for everyone. Beaches abound in this borough as well for those looking for a vacation with sand between their toes.

Queens’s cost of living

Though it’s still city-living pricing, Queens can be one of the more reasonable options if you’re NYC-bound for your next relocation. Housing costs are around half what they would be in Manhattan. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment will cost you more than $2,000 a month in Astoria, Long Island City, and Forest Hills. However, other areas, like Jackson Heights and Ditmars-Steinway (north of Astoria), are a little more affordable. If you’re looking to purchase a property, Queens has a median price of roughly $,640,000.

Daily Life in Queens

In general, New Yorkers are highly diverse. However, this borough is for you if you want to be at the core of diversity. Despite this, the entire area of the city feels more suburban. Some people who are used to such an environment might find it simpler to settle in Queens, even if it offers all the benefits of a large city.

The Bronx

This “uptown” borough could go unnoticed if you’re not from New York. The Bronx has its beat and a lot in store for those who venture out to explore this borough in the north. There are many reasons to come or settle in one of the many fantastic Bronx neighborhoods, including Yankee Stadium, nearby beaches, stunning countryside, and many others.

The Bronx’s living costs

Compared to most other New York City boroughs, The Bronx is relatively cheap. The Riverdale and Kingsbridge neighborhoods have substantially lower average rents, a little over $1,600. In this borough, a lot of people choose to own instead of rent. The median price of a home in New York City is $460,000, making owning real estate there much more feasible.

Everyday Life in the Bronx

Compared to the areas of NYC south of this borough, many locations in this borough are more residential. Therefore, checking into the Bronx communities may truly be able to satisfy your needs if you’re trying to blend the advantages of a big city with a setting that feels like home for your family. Additionally, you might receive more housing for your money!

Staten Island

With more parkland than any other borough in the city—more than 9,300 acres—this area of the city is frequently referred to as the Borough of Parks. In general, you might receive more space for your money in other parts of the borough. Staten Island is mostly a residential island, with 70% of residents owning their homes. However, the demographics are typically less varied than those of their fellow NYC inhabitants in other parts of the city.

Staten Island’s cost of living

You can afford to rent or buy in this borough at a lower price than in some other boroughs. On the island, a one-bedroom apartment typically costs $1,500 a month. The median price of a home, if you’re looking for a homeowner, is $540,000.

Life on Staten Island Day to Day

If you don’t work or play locally, get ready for a commute. The Staten Island Ferry, meanwhile, is open every day of the year and is free for all passengers. You might need to hunt for nightlife in another borough if you want to spend nights out on the town. However, this borough can be exactly what you’re searching for if you want to live in the city or your ideal suburban NYC house.

In Conclusion

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