Moving to Sarasota, Florida

Moving to Sarasota, Florida could be a decision that will have an astonishing outcome. Don’t expect rocket science. The answer is, actually, simpler than one might think. The matter of fact is that it just may make you happy. According to the sources, statistics say that there is a considerable number of happy people living in Sarasota, Florida.

No wonder. Sarasota is a small, yet booming city in Sarasota County. It is located on the southwestern coast of Florida, south of the Tampa Bay area, only 60 miles away from Tampa. Needless to say, this implies at least two predictable aspects. One is the climate. The other is its amenities. As for the former, Sarasota has a humid subtropical climate, verging on the tropical variant. This means that summers are hot and humid. Yes, some people may have a problem with that. However, the context makes it easier to manage it. The solution concerns the latter aspect previously announced. The point is that, as one can assume, the vicinity of Tampa Bay implies cultural and environmental amenities. This includes the great performing arts tradition, but also mesmerizing white-sand beaches and stunning resorts. Still think summers are tricky? Well, the good news is that there is also the winter. Winters are warm and drier. There are two seasons. The rainy season lasts from June to September, and the dry season from October to May. Regardless of the season, the beauty of Sarasota’s resources and natural environment is the advantage at anyone’s disposal. One of them is the top-rated Siesta Key Beach. One can also benefit from the pleasure the other keys around Sarasota offer. They include:

  1. Lido Key,
  2. St. Armands Key,
  3. Otter Key,
  4. Casey Key,
  5. Coon Key.

.Portions of Siesta Key, Bird Key, and the largest of them, Longboat Key, are available. There are other gems in addition to these. Some of them are:

  1. Lakewood Ranch,
  2. Palmer Ranch,
  3. Wellen Park.

 The Advantages of Moving to Sarasota, Florida: Outdoor Activities

Do you crave wide open spaces? Are you tired of lockdowns, quarantine, confinement, your apartment? Do you need the experience of unrestrained outdoor activities? Sarasota is the answer. It offers a year-round playground. It’s an outdoor enthusiast haven. Do you practice, would like to try, or fancy immersing yourself in some exciting activities? You are more than welcome to embark on that kind of journey in Sarasota, Florida. The activities range anywhere from kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, walking, jogging, swimming, and diving to walking and jogging. Simply enjoying the vicinity of the water is also an option.

Entertainment in Florida’s Cultural City

The view from the Ringling Bridge can confirm the miracle of simplicity and wondrous small things. Speaking of which, food magic should not be underestimated. Yet, dining is never just about food. It is the ambiance, the people, the surrounding, and the service. The overall experience comprises the flavors from gastronomical sources, as well as the “flavor” of the place. The selection of high-quality, expertly prepared food is available. Wines, cocktails, spirits, and nonalcoholic beverages are part of the refreshing offer. The choice of the venue depends on the tastes, preferences, mood, company, and circumstances. For a casual drink accompanied by a chat with a friend, casual sidewalk cafes are on offer. An evening meal with a partner requires one of the elegant, five-star restaurants. A night out with friends and/or colleagues calls for those cool beer gardens and hip craft beer shrines. The groovy breweries include Calusa Brewing, J Dubs, and Big Top.

Sarasota is dubbed Florida’s Cultural City due to its performing arts and theatrical scenes. In fact, Sarasota is considered to be a cultural home for the performing arts. The esteemed Ca’ d’Zan Estate Home and the famed Ringling Museum of Art are its anchors. They sustain and are nourished by exquisite performing arts companies and a lively community of artists and craftspeople. Excellent unique works evidence their active creativity. They are on display at numerous galleries.

Trendy destinations, home to entertainment, include St Armands Circle on Lido Key, Downtown Sarasota, Siesta Key Village, and Lakewood Ranch. In addition to performing arts, visual arts, and theatrical activities, a lot of the venues offer live music shows. Jazz has a decades-long tradition, and so does the film industry.

You may be concerned that your puppy might be sad and lonely while you are having the time of your life at those places. Shed no tears. No puppy blues resides in  Sarasota, Florida. The places are mostly pet-friendly.   This alone for some people might be the reason for moving to Sarasota, Florida.

Play, Plan, and Invest WiselyWhat to Know Before Moving to Sarasota

The reasons for moving to Sarasota, Florida may certainly include the fact that Sarasota is immensely appealing to retirees. In fact, it is among the top-rated retirement cities. It offers quiet, well-organized, soothing living conditions. It is the epitome of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” slogan.

One of the advantages of moving to Florida is that there is no state income tax. For those who have had enough of the bloodsucking taxes in other parts of the US, this is solace. Another great benefit of living in Sarasota is that the real estate is still affordable. More precisely, the Sarasota real estate market has been blossoming recently. Sarasota housing opportunities are diverse and customer friendly. Rest assured they include the options that meet your standards and requirements. They resonate with your preferences and can satisfy your needs. They surely are budget-friendly. Consequently, a lot of people have been attracted to purchasing properties there. Locals like to say that buying property is more affordable than renting a place in Sarasota. The reason is that Sarasota is a high-ranking holiday destination. Vacation rentals for beach-oriented tourists, especially in season, frequently imply extravagant prices.

Moving to Sarasota, Florida might be motivated by the fact that Sarasota has a strong job market and a low unemployment rate. The job and employment market has recently been quite stable and promising. The most alluring sectors of the Sarasota economy are hospitality, professional services, healthcare, education, retail, and trades. Top employers are:

  1. Sarasota Memorial Health Care,
  2. Sarasota County Government,
  3. Publix Supermarkets,
  4. School Board,
  5. PGT.

The Reliable Circus City: Infrastructure

Sarasota’s multiply awarded healthcare and hospitals include Sarasota Memorial Health Care (SMH) and Doctor’s Hospital. The former is located south of downtown, and the latter at Bee Ridge and I-75.

Sarasota is generally considered to be a safe city. Yet, demographic data show that in some neighborhoods, the crime rate is higher than in others. They include Downtown, Rosemary District,17th Street, Original Gillespie Park, Central Cocoanut, Saint Armands, Amaryllis Park, and Indian Beach-Sapphire Shores.

 Being aware of this fact, one can freely enjoy the comfort of the city. Part of it lies in its architecture. Many buildings feature the Italian style, especially Venetian. Interestingly, there are a lot of statues echoing Italian art. Moreover, Michelangelo’s David is the symbol of the city. This artistic component is sometimes crucial in making a decision about moving to Sarasota, Florida. Closely related to this is the Sarasota School of Architecture featuring a take on the elements of both the Bauhaus and Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. The style resonates with the area’s sub-tropical climate and environmentally conscious approach to architectural design.

Developing Your Itinerary

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